Path of Exile will end its Archnemesis League in less than a month, meaning we will only have a few weeks left to progress when the new league goes live before starting over with a new character. So I am also ready to buy some POE Currency to seize the last time to get more rewards.

Earlier recently, developer Grinding Gear Games announced on Twitter that Path of Exile will get a new expansion with update 3.18 on May 13, 2022. This gives we enough time to prepare POE 3.18 Currency. However, the current Archnemesis League and the Siege of the Atlas expansion will end about five days ago.

Grinding Gear Games plans to host a livestream in early May to reveal the upcoming 3.18 expansion. The new leagues will also bring some new challenges, along with more content and endgame improvements. I'm also very interested in the new expansion, so I want to get more news and POE Orbs at POECurrency. It's my most trusted site and it's not only cheap and has great deals!