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How To Beat The Figure Roblox Doors. There are plenty intriguing Roblox games available. The most well-known of these include horror games like Roblox Doors. You have to navigate through a variety of levels in this game. You will be pursued by different entities that want to kill you at every level. Additionally, we’ll explain how to defeat the Figure in Roblox Doors and getting Roblox Items in this guide.

How to beat level 50 in Roblox Doors?

It is necessary to take into account that we must take into account that it is vital to avoid the figure all the time, this is usually done while we are collecting the books, when entering level 50 we will see a library that usually has two floors and this makes it necessary to embark on a Search for the books on the lower floor.

When entering the library we will get a desk that is usually located on the left side of the room, we must enter it a little later on the desk where the sheet for the lock solution is usually, so that we know how to overcome the level 50 in Roblox Doors makes it necessary to take care of collecting the sheet, at the end after having collected all the books, we must search the shelves for any book that stands out and when passing by them where we must obtain the sparkling or brilliant sound.

Once we manage to collect the books it is crucial to hide them in the cabinets, every time we feel that the Figure may be close, being inside the cabinet it is necessary to play a minigame while the Figure passes out of the cabinet, so that you know How to overcome level 50 in Roblox Doors involves taking care of other activities, in the case of this minigame we must click with the left and right mouse buttons or on the Q and E keys on the keyboard.

In case of making a mistake, here we will be expelled from the closet twice and in doing so we will be caught by the Figure, on the other hand, it is possible to wait some time after the minigame while the Figure avoids leaving immediately, to go to the top floor where we must collect the remaining books.

Our task to know How to overcome level 50 in Roblox Doors implies having all the books and the sheet that we will use to learn the solution, it should be noted that each book usually has a number and a symbol, that is, 8 books that usually have 8 symbols, these can be found in the bottom corner on the left side of our screen and they are:









It is necessary to take into account that the sheet usually tells us the pattern with Roman numerals and symbols until we get the sequence 52, the real solution here consists of 5 numbers, when getting the solution from the list it is vital to hide somewhere that is close to the exit and wait for the Figure to be removed from the lock, once we see him far away and out of sight we will enter the code to exit the library and thus achieve level 50, when playing in multiplayer mode we must make sure that all players are at the exit when entering the codes and avoid making noise.

How to Survive the Figure

In Roblox Doors, you not only need to run and hide from the entities but also solve different puzzles. And some of them can be quite complex. And once on the 50th floor, players often cannot understand what they need to do to escape from this floor.

The 50th floor is a library with a Figure that will hunt for you. This entity is blind, but it can hear you. The only way to survive is to listen carefully to the sounds of the Figures and hide in the closets. Moreover, when the Figure approaches the closet in which you hid, a mini-game begins. You will need to press the Q and E keys or the left and right mouse buttons in time. And if you miss twice, you will be thrown out of the closet into the hands of the Figure. We also recommend after winning the mini-game, wait for the Figure to move a little further away, and only then exit.

In case you are playing this game multiplayer then make sure all the players are near the exit while entering the codes. Looking for more Roblox content? Check out our webiste you also can Buy Roblox Items from us.




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